Сorporate policy

Anti-corruption policy of “UTEM-ENGINEERING” LLC

“UTEM-ENGINEERIN” LLC conducts fair business activities without resort to corruption and bribery   to obtain unfair gains. Adherence to anti-corruption legislation and moral standards is our highest priority that must be enforced in every aspect of the company’s business activities.

Company fends off corruption and bribery in all its business activities. Especially it pertains to any attempts to exert undue influence on public employees including employees of state-owned or state-managed organizations.

Company employees are prohibited from offering or taking bribes, remunerations or anything of value for unlawful receiving of contracts, support of business, gaining approval of government, favorable tax or customs rules, or for gaining any other improper commercial advantage from cooperation with any organization or natural body.

“UTEM-ENGINEERIN” LLC keeps records that accurately and fair reflect activities of the company and maintain system of sound accounting reporting.

 Company aims to have business relations with counteragents that support requirements of anti-corruption legislation and declare non-acceptance of corruption.

This anti-corruption policy demonstrates commitment of the company to high ethical standards of business conduct, improvement of corporate culture, compliance with best practices of corporate management and support of goodwill.