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Historical background


September 1926 – start of the company history.

Establishment of all-Ukrainian branch Joint Stock Company “Teplo and syla” (Heat and power) as well as Kyiv design and installation enterprise “Kotloturbina”.

Those were formative years of the company. It conducted large-scale construction of CHP and TPP of industrial enterprises in Kyiv, Odessa, Mykolaiiv, Kryvyi Rih, Kherson, Mariupol and other cities of Ukraine, south of the Russian Federation as well as Moldova.

Constructed energy sources had capacity of boilers only 10-20 t of steam per hour and turbine 2-5 MW. 


July 1941 – due to war the enterprise was evacuated to Chelyabinsk. It managed in a very short time to construct for defense industry steam-air-thermal power plants with boilers (up to 200t of steam per hour and turbines up to 100 MW).

At that time installation of equipment at the most important objects of Ural was carried out, namely: CHP of Chelyabinsk, Kamensk-Uralsky, Ufa and Magnitogorsk iron & steel works; CHP of Ufa cracking distillation plant; CHP of Chelyabinsk tractor (tank) plant, CHP of Kostanay rayon factory; CHP of Chkalov plant «Krasnyi maiak» and actually Chelyabinsk CHP. 


April 1944 – after return of the enterprise to Kyiv, KyivPromEnergoMontazh State Union Construction & Installation Trust was created on its basis. Post-war reconstruction of destroyed power generation industry commenced. This period is characterized by construction of CHP and TPP for Ukrainian cities as wells as restoration of power plants of Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and southern regions of the Russian Federation which were hit by the war.

At that time the company started its involvement into the biggest energy projects, mastering above-critical parameters. Construction of power plants with boilers with capacity up to 640 t of steam per hour and turbines up to 150 MW. Specifically at this time in April 1958 the enterprise got its name as it is called today – "PIVDENTEPLOENERGOMONTAZH".

Construction of new CHP and TPP: Kyiv SDPP-2; Kyiv CHP-3; Kyiv CHP-4, Odessa CHP, Mykolaiiv CHP, Cherkasy CHP; Chernihiv CHP; Argayash CHP (Russian Federation); Dobrotvir TPP, Simferopol TPP and Sevastopol TPP.


Period of taking the lead in energy construction.

Construction of TPP with boilers (up to 1650 t of steam per hour and turbines up to 800 MW) that far outweighs capacity of earlier objects. Commencement of NPP construction.

During these years the company assembled equipment and put into operation thermal power plants in Ukraine:  Dobrotvir TPP, Burshtyn TPP, Ladyzhyn TPP, Prydniprovska TPP, Kryvyi Rih TPP, Trypilska TPP, Zaporizhia TPP, Odessa TPP, Kalush TPP, Chernihiv TPP, Kyiv CHP-4, Kyiv CHP-5, Kyiv CHP-6. The following objects were constructed in Union republics: Moldova SDPP (Moldova), Beriozovskaya SDPP (Belarus), Minsk CHP (Belarus), Polotsk CHP (Belarus), CHP in Argayash (Russian Federation), CHP in Chișinău (Moldova) and CHP in Bălți (Moldova), CHP in Yerevan and Vanadzor (Armenia).

Assembled equipment and put into operation Chornobyl NPP - 4000 MW; Zaporizhia NPP - 6000 MW; Rivne NPP - 2880 MW; Armenian NPP - 440 MW.

Specialists of the company took part in installation of equipment abroad: Greece (Keratsini, Cardia, Amindion, Agios Dimitrios CHPPs), Bulgaria (Maritsa-East TPP, Kozloduy NPP), the Czech Republic (Temelin NPP), Slovakia (Bohunice, Mochovce NPPs), Hungary (Paks NPP), Mongolia, Cuba (Juragua NPP), Germany (Greifswald NPP, Boxberg TPP), Iran (Ahwaz (Ramin), Isfahan TPPs, Bushehr NPP), Romania, India, Iraq (Basrah, Najibiyah TPP), etc.

In 1976 for significant achievements in the development of energy sector of the Soviet Union the personnel of company was awarded with the Order of Red Banner of Labor. 


New period of the company history is indissolubly tied to development of independent Ukraine, energy sector and industry projects under new market conditions.

Company develops new services for more quality satisfaction of clients’ needs:

  • ЕРС-contractor;
  • engineering;
  • training, qualification and certification of personnel;
  • construction of new plants for non-standard equipment, piping spools and pieces, building steel structures. 

At this time new round of the company actively realizes turn-key projects for introduction of new energy-saving technologies, construction of cogeneration power plants, renewable energy sources and power plants as well as modern industrial companies adhering not only to Ukrainian but also European standards in terms of safety and environmental protection.

Enterprises of the company made significant contribution into follow-up construction and life extension of nuclear power units and implementation of projects for rectification of the consequences of accident and decommissioning of Chornobyl NPP.

Large projects implemented recently:

Projects in nuclear power: 

  • further construction and commissioning of power unit No.4 at Rivne NPP;
  • construction of industrial heating boiler-house at Chornobyl NPP;
  • construction of spent nuclear fuel storage and plant for processing of liquid radioactive waste at Chornobyl NPP;
  • execution of complex project for stabilization of Shelter object at Chornobyl NPP;
  • construction of complex for reprocessing of solid nuclear waste for Rivne and Chornobyl NPPs;
  • replacement of steam generators at power units No.1 and 2 of South Ukraine NPP;
  • replacement of condenser TH-2 at power unit No.2 of South Ukraine NPP;
  • replacement of condensers of turbine at power units No.2, No.3, No.4 of Zaporizhia NPP;
  • construction of redundant electric boiler house for heat supply of New Safe Confinement (NSC) at Chornobyl NPP;
  • technical reequipping of power unit No.1 of Khmelnytskyi NPP.
  • design of storage for highly radioactive vitrified waste that is returned from Russian Federation after reprocessing nuclear fuel;
  • development and introduction of technology for handling spent nuclear fuel using equipment by Holtec International, at Rivne, Khmelnytskyi and South Ukraine NPPs (ongoing);
  • construction spent nuclear fuel dry storage facility (ISF-2) at Chornobyl NPP;
  • construction of Central Interim Storage Facility (CISF) of VVER reactors of Ukrainian NPPs (ongoing).

Projects in thermal energy sector and energy saving projects:

  • construction and commissioning of first in Ukraine boiler with circulating fluidized bed (steam capacity 670 ton of steam per hour) at power unit No.4  Starobeshivska TPP;
  • technical reequipping of power unit No.1 of Kalushska TPP;
  • technical reequipping of power units No.7,8 Kramatorska TPP
  • construction of cogeneration power plants at “Lukoil Energy and Gas Ukraine” LLC, at plant Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine Limited, PJSC "Kiev Cardboard and Paper Mill", PJSC "Crimea TITAN", PJSC "Crimean Soda Plant";
  • construction of woodchip-operated biofuel power plant (capacity 18 MW) for “Biogazenergy” LLC.
  • design of straw-operated biofuel power plant (capacity 46 MW) for Danish company BWSC.

Projects in industry:

  • construction of blast furnace production complex №5 of Yenakievo Metallurgical Plant;
  • construction of the largest in Europe coal preparation plant at Krasnoarmeyskaya-Zapadnaya No.1;
  • construction of cement plant for Lafarge S.A. in Lviv oblast;
  • modernization of waste incineration plant No.3, Moscow;
  • construction of slag wool plant for Danko-Izol;
  • construction of MDF slab plant, town Korozten;
  • construction of melamine production unit at OAO “ Nevinnomysskiy Azot”, Russian Federation;
  • technical reequipping of pumping stations of city Chernihiv;
  • technical reequipping of sewage pumping stations of city Cherkasy;
  • construction of air-separation plant for Air Liquide in city Yenakieve;
  • installation of first in Ukraine evaporating pulp drier with  fluidized bed by BMA (Germany) at JSC “Salyvonky sugar plant” (ongoing);
  • reconstruction design of sewage treatment facilities of city Chernihiv (ongoing).

Also the company is a manufacturer of modern energy-saving straw-operated heat generators (capacity from 150 up to 860 kW), that are operated at more than 150 households in Ukraine and the EU.

Over the year of its activities Public Joint Stock Company "PIVDENTEPLOENERGOMONTAZH" commissioned more than 37 million kW of energy generating capacities including those in Ukraine 32 million kW which makes up 57 percent of established capacity of the country’s energy system. Staff of the company on repeated occasions was awarded with government awards. In view of rich history the Company remains one of the leading enterprises of the industry continuously developing and making its contribution into the country prosperity.


93years on market 

295completed projects 


14partner countries

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