Andrii V. Stalnyi

Andrii V. Stalnyi

Chairman of the Board AT “UTEM”

Andrii Stalnyi joined the UTEM group of companies in 1981.

He is responsible for development and operational management of the group, manages the implementation of decisions of the General Shareholders’ Meeting and the Supervisory Board Meeting, organizes the execution of main activities and company development strategy, chairs the Board of directors.

Mr.Stalnyi qualified as a Heat-and-Power Engineer at the Odessa Polytechnical Institute, Department of Nuclear Power Engineering.

As a nuclear power specialist he managed the installation of equipment in reactor plants with VVER and RBMK-type reactors in Ukraine and Russia.

Mr.Stalnyi began his career in 1981 as an engineer of the Chernobyl Construction and Installation Department of AT UTEM. He worked as a foreman, site foreman, general foreman, head of reactor shop of Zapadno-Ukrains’ke (West-Ukrainian) Construction and Installation Department. From 1986, he was the head of the "Atomenergonaladka" department, which specialized in the commissioning of VVER reactors service equipment. From 1989, Chief Engineer, Director of West-Ukrainian Construction and Installation Department. From 1999, Technical Director of AT UTEM.

In 2005 he was elected the Chairman of the Board.

For significant contribution to the development of Ukraine's energy sector Mr.Stalnyi was awarded the honorary title "Honorary Power Engineer of Ukraine".

Mr.Stalnyi obtained additional qualifications in the field of project management at the Ukrainian Project Management Association (Project Manager of category C), UPMA Consultant, Business Management Specialist. He also completed a Business Management course of the International Institute of Market Relations and Business, a strategic business management course of the Kyiv-Mohyla Business School and the course for strategic management of the Strategic Consulting Group Management Academy.