About our team

Today our team consists of 2,100 people. This is the staff that is able to perform the most complex, integrated projects in power and industry (to see the projects completed by the UTEM Group, and projects that are ongoing, please go to the page using the link Projects)

 Our team is the staffs of the enterprises affiliated with the Group:

We employ personnel of all ages. The atmosphere that prevails in the company, places no obstacles for team working, exchanging ideas and experiences between the 18-year-old novices and 60-age “elders” – the members of our operating teams, project management teams and engineering sections. Our employees are always united by one goal - to implement the project on time and within the Client’s budget. The implementation of each project engages concurrently the personnel of various enterprises affiliated with the UTEM Group - they all share the responsibility, professionalism and sense of teamwork.

Professional Development

Our company keeps pace in its development, we understand that is the only way to continue the renowned history of our company. We continuously improve operating and business processes, carry out new and more complex projects for our Clients, perform in-house development projects and personnel trainings. This means that our employees may not stop in their development - they learn to think differently, exploring new technologies and master new areas of expertise. 
We always help those who want to grow professionally, providing a system of in-house and external training. Our Corporate Training Centre regularly conducts instructions for companies affiliated with the UTEM Group. We initiate and finance training of our personnel at external specialized courses, under medium and long-term professional development programmes (including MBA programmes). In addition, we purchase the best books in the fields of expertise and have an excellent library.


In the last decade we have significantly expanded the range of projects performed, and changed the approach to conducting the business.We have created and continue to actively develop our Corporate Project Management Methodology. Restructuring of project execution methods and other initiatives in the company development have opened and continue to open new opportunities for career growth. Today, a number of employees, who had joined the company five or seven years ago as simple engineers, became managers of projects and enterprises affiliated with the UTEM Group, proving their business commitment, professionalism and desire to progress and achieve superior results. 
We guarantee an opportunity to advance to everyone who is working on his/her development as a professional and a leader.

Good Pay and Stability

For us, it is important that our employees feel that they get a deserved reward for their work. We are executing complex projects, and understand that only through the dedication of our employees it is possible to operate successfully within the specified limits of the project, to maintain its timeframes, approved budget and meet the quality requirements of the Client. We are doing everything we can to ensure that our employees have one of the highest and stable remuneration in the industry. 
We also understand that the remuneration system should encourage and reward the achievements of those who have accomplished these achievements. Every employee has a guaranteed “basic” salary, with an extra bonus in the amount that depends on the personal working results. We guarantee the high rewards to those who achieve results, and ensure the transparency of the reward system. 
All payments to employees are made officially and in full compliance with the legislation of Ukraine or the country of operation.

Join Our Team

Our company always is in search of opportunities to strengthen the team. We are interested in cooperation with project managers, engineers, designers, operation and technical department’s engineers, technicians, estimators and workers. 
We are conducting projects in different regions of Ukraine and Russia, our companies are located in the centre, east, south and west of our country, we are interested in new members of our team from all regions. 
We are always ready to discuss your proposals relating to the work in our company, regardless of whether you do the first career steps, or already have a professional class.

If you believe that:

  1. Responsibility - this is what you have inside, and it is your the only nature
  2. Decency - is one of your core values
  3. Education – for is not a fashion slogan, but a necessity
  4. Professionalism - it is really important
  5. Complex tasks -  is not a problem, but opportunity

then, we definitely want to meet you and find opportunity for further mutual cooperation.