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Energy and industrial engineering

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Spent nuclear fuel dry storage facility

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SSE Chornobyl NPP

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August 2014 - January 2020

Construction of on-site spent nuclear fuel dry storage facility (ISF-2)

Project provides construction of spent nuclear fuel dry storage facility (ISF-2) on the site of SSE Chornobyl NPP. Implementation of the project shall enable preparation, handling and reliable storage of fuel assemblies (FA) with spent nuclear fuel from reactors RBMK-1000 of Chornobyl NPP.  All processes of FA treatment including reception, unloading, cutting, drying, packing, sealing and transfer for long-term storage (up to 100 years), will be fully automated.   
Construction of ISF-2 will significantly reduce costs for maintenance of spent nuclear fuel concentrated at Chornobyl NPP after its decommissioning and will ease burden on budget of the country. 

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