Commissioning of RAU-2-331 straw heat generator in Zaporozh’ye region

21.01.2009 The Company Western-Ukrainian erection department has produced and commissioned RAU 2-331 straw heat generator with capacity 300 kW in village Poltavka, Gulyaipole district, Zaporozhye region.
The installed heat generator will provide the school and kindergarten with heat. The total floor area of buildings makes more than 3000 m2.
UTEM Group is the only in Ukraine manufacturer of heat straw boilers.
Straw heat generators are modern heat generators, which by means of reliable automatics provide process of heating and hot water supply.
Automatics of heat generator provides keeping of necessary parameters of hot water and required temperature in room, as well as optimal mode of fuel burning.
Low electric power consumption also belongs to its advantages (about 0,5% of heat capacity). With relatively low price for straw, low operation expenses and together with high prices for traditional kinds of fuel (gas, coal, etc.) the term of payback of heat generators makes from 8 months to 3,5 years (depending on capacity).