Commissioning of the first stage of Diesel Cogeneration Power Plant at Odessa oil refinery

23.04.2010 During the implementation of project on construction of power-supply for Odessa oil refinery were put at no-load operation the 1 st and 2 nd diesel generators with electrical output 8.76 MW each and completed the erection of fume-cleaning unit.
At this time, the pre-commissioning works are in progress.
The project on oil refinery power-supply rehabilitation provides for commissioning of five cogeneration plants, which will use oil residue refined products (primary cracking and viscosity breaking), i.e. tar and topped residuum and as a fuel.
It is the first time the combustion technology for oil residue refined products is used in Ukraine. Its successful implementation will make possible to expand similar energy-efficient projects at other objects of petrochemical sector.
Client: LUKOIL ENERGY AND GAS UKRAINE, Odessa Oil Refinery.