Completion of cold tests of spent nuclear fuel dry storage facility (ISF-2)


Under the Test Program, approved by the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine (SNRIU), the company completed yet another important stage — cold tests of Interim Storage Facility (ISF-2) of Chornobyl NPP with simulators of spent fuel assemblies (SFA).
Jointly with representatives of HOLTEC International, supplier of process equipment, personnel of the Customer, Chornobyl NPP, and with SNRIU representatives, specialists of the company successfully performed all three stages of pre-operational tests of ISF-2:
  • operability test of all main process systems and their handling of SFA simulators;
  • tests of all auxiliary systems;
  • determination of maintainability of all ISF-2 equipment (possibility of remote repair of units and components, without direct participation of personnel).
Upon approval of preliminary report of safety analysis and obtaining of corresponding certificate of the State Construction Inspectorate, hot test stage with real SFAs will be started. Start of the tests is scheduled for December 2019.
Commissioning of ISF-2 will assure safety storage of nuclear fuel accumulated in CNPP after its shutdown and will significantly decrease costs related to its storage. The facility is designed for storage of more than 21 000 fuel assemblies through 100 years.