Completion of construction of interim storage facility of dry spent nuclear fuel (ISF-2)


UTEM-ENGINEERING, acting as prime contractor of construction, jointly with Holtec International completed works as per Contract “Completion of interim spent nuclear fuel dry storage facility at Chernobyl NPP (ISF-2)” and handed over completed object to the Employer (SSE Chernobyl NPP).

Statement about readiness of completed construction project for obtaining certificate was submitted into the State architectural and construction inspectorate.

Specialists of the company performed complete package of construction, installation, startup and adjustment works and performed “cold” tests of ISF-2 equipment including simulators of spent fuel assemblies (SFA). All processes for SFA handling including acceptance, unloading, cutting, drying, packing, sealing and transfer into concrete modules for long-term storage were polished and fully automated.

Commissioning of ISF-2 will assure safety storage of nuclear fuel accumulated in CNPP after its shutdown and will significantly decrease costs related to its storage. The facility is designed for storage of more than 21 000 fuel assemblies through 100 years.