Completion of the construction of the boiler house operating on wood waste for “Uniplit LLC”

02.07.2009 The Company has successfully completed the activities on construction of the boiler house for Uniplit LLC (twon of Vygoda, Ivano-Frankivsk region). The Project included construction of separate boiler house with its energy economy, chemical water treatment and fuel storage facility close to the main steam consumer - fiber board production shop. New highly efficient combined steam boiler made by Belgian firm Vyncke, with steam generating capacity 18 tones/hour, operating on wood waste will cover in full scope the needs of existing production complex in steam for technological needs of the enterprise and will let in efficient way to solve the issue of disposal of wood waste from its own production and other neighboring woodworking enterprises. Also thanks to conversion to alternative to gas fuel the primary cost of produced goods will decrease significantly and ecology of the region will improve.