Completion of the industrial complex on solid radioactive waste treatment at Chernobyl NPP

30.04.2009 April 24 the company Nukem Technologies GmbH ( Germany) handed over for operation to SSE Chernobyl NPP the industrial complex on radioactive waste treatment (SRAWTP).
In the course of the project the experts of UTEM Group performed works on erection of the equipment, steel structures and technological systems of the object under construction.
Minister for Emergencies Vladimir SHADRA and Head of the Delegation of European Commission in Ukraine Jose Manuel Pintu TEISHEIRA participated in the ceremony of the complex launch.
Industrial complex on solid radioactive waste treatment(SRAWTP) combined three objects, closed into entire technological cycle, meant for SRAW acceptance, processing and/or burial, accumulated for the period of ChNPP operation as well as exploitation RAW of Shelter Object.