Construction of a power source for the “Coca-Cola” Plant

18.08.2010 Works on placing a gas piston engine in the permanent position and installation of absorptive chillers have been completed. The erection of absorbing tower with height 36m and carbon dioxide storage tanks for the СО2 production unit has been completed. Works on pipe installation and connection of process equipment are underway.
The project on construction of the cogeneration unit for the Coca-Cola plant, which the company is carriying out on a turnkey basis, aroused much interest among a lot of Ukrainian food industry enterprises. Thanks to modular configuration of equipment and closed process cycle inside the unit the area of construction and loss of resources during their transfer to the work processes have been significantly reduced, that on the whole produces a significant economic effect. This unit while generating electricity will also, by utilizing the combustion products, provide the plant with the heat and cold, and recovery of exhaust gases will enable to produce carbon dioxide to the extent necessary for the production of company’s beverages.
The overall duration of physical work on the construction of this facility is less than one year.