Construction of interim storage facility (ISF-2)


Physical protection and radiation control systems of Interim Storage Facility for spent nuclear fuel (ISF-2) at SSE Chornobyl NPP site were handed over into trial operation upon successful results of executed test.

Also specialists of the company completed works for adjustment and performed tests of the following auxiliary systems:
  • utility and drinking water supply system;
  • complex of treatment facilities;
  • chemically demineralized water system;
  • working and emergency lighting and power supply;
  • heating and air conditioning systems;
  • communication and alarm systems;
  • automated process control and process management systems;
  • compressed air system;
  • argon, nitrogen, helium supply systems.
Presently the company commenced integrated tests of main process systems, particularly key system for handling of spent fuel assemblies (SPA). Tests are conducted using simulators of SPAs. Jointly with representatives of CNPP and supervising authority we try out all procedures for SPA handling, including receipt, unloading, cutting, drying, packing, sealing and transfer for long term storage as well as actions of personnel in case of emergency situation.
Construction of ISF-2 will significantly decrease costs for handling of spent nuclear fuel collected at Chornobyl NPP after its decommissioning and will assure safe storage for 100 year period of more than 21 000 SPAs RVPK-1000.