Development of design documentation for overhaul repair of cable lines of Spent Nuclear Fuel Interim Storage Facility-1 ISF-1 SSE Chornobyl NPP


Development of design documentation was completed and positive expert opinion No.01-0685-19/TSB on project “Overhaul repair of cable lines 6 kV for supply of transformers 237Т, 238Т of external electric power supply of ISF-1” was obtained from state enterprise “Kyivoblbudinvest”, branch of “Kyivoblbudekspertyza”.

According to the expert opinion the design documentation is developed in accordance with initial data for design subject to requirement to strength, reliability and longevity of construction project, its operational safety and MEP coverage, sanitary-epidemiological welfare of population, labor protection, fire safety, energy efficiency, estimates part of the construction project, and can be approved under established procedure. Design documentation was developed by means ВІМ (3D Building Information Modeling), that assures reliability and optimality of decisions made.
Works are performed under project for city infrastructure development financed by International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Purpose of the overhaul repair is enhancement of reliable external power supply of consumers of building No.48 ISF-1.
Customer: SSE Chornobyl NPP.