Diesel cogeneration cycle electric power plant at Odessa refinery plant

19.02.2009 Erection of two 20V32 Wartsila diesel power units with unit capacity 8,76 MW for LUKOIL ENERGY AND GAS UKRAINE, Odessa refinery plant, has been finished. Currently the gas-cleaning plant erection activities are in progress.
Project of the refinery plant power source reconstruction foresees start-up of five cogeneration plants which will use derivatives (primary cracking or visbreaking) of oil residuals gas tar and flux oil as fuel.
First line of the plant is planned to be commissioned in II-nd quarter 2009. It will consist of two diesel power units 20V32 Wartsila with unit capacity 8,76 MW, exhaust heat boilers, emission gas control systems. The station is located in a easy-assembled building.
Oil residual derivatives burning technology with use of diesel generators is used in Ukraine for the first time and its successful implementation will allow realizing similar energy efficient projects at other petrochemical objects.