First international conference of “Ukrainian Nuclear Forum”


“Ukrainian Nuclear Forum” association, cofounder and partner of which is UTEM JSC, will hold on 3 November 2010 first international conference.

Conference goal: Assistance in cooperation development in the field of nuclear power industry and production sector. Establishment of dialogue between enterprises of nuclear sector, government institutions of Ukraine and official European Union schemes.     

Subjects matters of conference:

  • Foundation of Ukrainian Nuclear Forum – is the way to collaboration between enterprises and organizations of nuclear and industrial complex of Ukraine and Europe. Role of nuclear forum in the development of nuclear power industry.
  • Prospects for the development of nuclear industrial complex of Ukraine till 2020.
  • Cooperation of Ukraine and EU in the field of nuclear safety improvement.
  • Assistance in cooperation development of enterprises of nuclear industrial complex of Ukraine and EU.

Managers and experts of industrial enterprises and scientific institutions of Ukraine, state administration bodies, European Commission, Euro-MPs and deputies of European Foratom, representatives of national Foratom of Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Great Britain, Italy, Belgium, France, Hungary, Switzerland, Slovakia, Spain will be present in the conference.