Production, supply and erection of straw boiler RAU-2-600 (М)

18.08.2009 Agreement on design works implementation, production, supply and erection of straw boiler RAU-2-600 (М) with capacity of 860 kW for research center Institute of mechanization and electrification of farming sector of Ukrainian Academy of Agricultural Science, urban-type settlement Glevakha, Vasilkovskiy district, Kiev region is signed.
Straw boilers are modern heat generators which by means of liable automation provide the process of heating and hot water supply. Heat generator automation provides the support of necessary parameters of hot water and required temperature in a room as well as optimal mode of fuel burning.
Advantages include also small electric power consumption (about 0,5% of heat capacity).
By means of straw burning, those are left from grain crops gathering on the research territories, institute will refuse outright from natural gas consumption. Business plan of given project demonstrates payoff period of heat generator for one season.