Replacement of condenser of turbine К-1000-60/1500-2 power unit no. 4 Zaporizhia NPP


Company completed works for replacement of 3 existing condensers К-33160 of turbine К-1000-60/1500-2 Power unit No.4 SE Zaporizhia NPP with modified condensers К-38080.   

Specialists of the company completed full range of works for dismantling of 3 casings of condensers type К-33160 and installation instead of them casings of condensers type К-38080 produced by PJSC “Turboatom”. The works were executed at high quality standards, as per design documentation and approved schedule of the power unit repair. 

Company started set of hydraulic tests of steam and cooling parts of the casings of installed condenser. Following the results of executed quality control and tests, permit for launch into operation will be obtained.

Replacement of condenser of turbine К-1000-60/1500-2, power capacity 1000 MW, will assure operation of the power unit within extended service life. 

Customer: SE «Zaporizhia NPP», State Enterprise “National Nuclear Energy Generating Company “Energoatom”.