The State Complex Examination on the project “Construction of gas-piston cogeneration installation for Coca-Cola plant”


The State Complex Examination gave a positive conclusion No.00-00221-09 (139-1-2009/Bud) on the project Construction of gas-piston cogeneration installation for Coca-Cola plant in the village Bolschaya Dymerka, Brovarskyy rayon, Kievskaya oblast.

Conclusion has been issued by the state enterprise Specialized State Expert Organization Central Service of Ukraines State Construction Expert Commission.

Project provides for turn-key construction of gas-piston cogeneration installation with power capacity 9 MW for combined power and heat production, as well as for process steam and carbon dioxide generation.

Installation will be constructed to meet the production demands of "Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine Ltd." plant. It is expected that plant capacities will cover own needs of the non-alcoholic beverages plant.

Employer: "Contour Global", USA.