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Current Projects

Design of biofuel power plant 46 MW

Object name:       

Khmelnytsk bio power plant

Form of participation:

General contract for design



Project execution period    
(commencement - scheduled completion):

         April 2017 - December 2017

The design provides development of documentation Basic design stage and passing state expert review for straw-fired power plant including the following
  • Steam boiler– 130 MW;
  • Condensing turbine with generator – 46 MW;
  • Recycling water supply and chemically demineralized water system;
  • Transforming substation;
  • Straw barn with fuel conveying system;
  • Fuel gas cleaning system;
  • Ash removal system
  • Industrial and domestic waste treatment system;
  • Fire-fighting system;
  • Station-wide automatic control system;
  • Laboratory and administrative buildings etc.

 Overall area of the power plant – 16, 2 ha, building estate – 5,0 ha. 


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Design of biofuel power plant 46 MW

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