Industrial Diagnostics and Control

Industrial Diagnostics and Testing Centre company, which is affiliated with the UTEM Group, specializes in the performance of all types of weld testing, additional heating and heat treatment of welds and geodetic support for construction and installation.
The company is equipped with all necessary facilities for the performance of works, has mobile and stationary isotopes storages, and a new laboratory building.
The company is certified to perform the work supervised by the State Committee for Industrial Safety, Labour Protection and Mining Supervision of Ukraine and State Nuclear Regulatory Committee of Ukraine in nuclear and thermal power, oil-refining, metallurgical and food industries, gas transmission systems.
IDTC company provides the following services for internal and external Clients of UTEM Group:

Non-destructive testing:

  • Visual and measuring testing
  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Radiographic testing
  • Dye (liquid) penetrant testing
  • Leak and pressure testing
    • Mass spectrometer (helium) testing
    • Halogen testing
    • Bubble testing
  • Magnetic-particle testing
  • Spectrographic analysis
  • Metal hardness testing

Destructive testing:

  • Mechanical tests
  • Metallographic examinations
  • Inter-crystalline corrosion diagnosis
  • Ferritic phase (alpha constituent) measurements

Heat treatment of welds by:

  • Radiation method (thermal resistance)
  • Electromagnetic induction method with industrial frequency current
  • Electromagnetic induction method with high frequency current
  • Gas-flame method

Survey operations:

  • Surveying support for construction and erection/installation activities
  • Site reconnaissance and surveying
Diagnostics and Testing Centre company