Industrial Diagnostics and Control

“Center of industrial diagnostics and control” LLC is independent, which is affiliated with the UTEM Group, equipped with modern facilities and qualified personnel laboratory which provides services for quality control of base metal and welded joints in Ukraine.

We have been offering our clients full range of laboratory examinations using destructive and nondestructive control methods at installation, operation, life extension and repair equipment and pipelines at objects of thermal and nuclear power energetics, as well as production facilities of other industries of Ukraine since 2006. Also we conduct spectral analysis of chemical composition and grade of steel using modern, mobile, optical-emission spectrometer Q4 Mobile.

The company has all necessary licenses, permits and technical competence for conducting its activities, as well as financial independence from manufacturers, suppliers and installation and repair companies, that allows to guarantee reliability, precision and credibility of obtained test results.

Personnel have sufficient experience and qualification in the field of steel control, for quality, safe and timely execution of works. Our specialists possess modern equipment for conducting the following methods:

For the purpose of operative diagnostics of steel products and welded joints, the company has modern, fitted with state-of-art equipment, mobile laboratory.

Diagnostics and Testing Centre company