“UTEM-ENGINEERING” LLC is a sales leader of UTEM Group specializing in the execution of integrated projects and provision of engineering services.

Design department of “UTEM-ENGINEERING” LLC renders complete package of design services including development of feasibility study of investment, stages Developed Design and Construction Design of construction projects of all consequence classes for power generation and industry as well as conducts control over execution of design solution throughout the whole period of construction.  
High reliability and optimality of decisions made are assured by means of technology 3D ВІМ in design (3D Building Information Modeling). 
Design department is equipped with state-of-art system for engineering calculations, object-oriented designing, 3D modelling, accumulation, storage and transfer of data as well as equipment for copying and printing. 
Staff of the department comprises highly qualified specialists with many years’ experience that is confirmed by Qualification certificates of responsible performers of works. 
During development of design documentation exclusive priority is given to execution of regulatory standards on issues of sanitary and epidemiological welfare of population, environmental, labor protection, energy saving, fire, nuclear and radiological safety, ruggedness, reliability and lasting quality of buildings and structures their operational safety and engineering coverage. 

Process department of “UTEM-ENGINEERING” LLC provides:

Start-up and adjustment department of “UTEM-ENGINEERING” LLC performs works on:

Specialists of the department are actively involved in construction of objects at the very early stage of installation of process equipment, carrying out analysis of design documents, inspection and acceptance for cleanliness of internal surfaces of equipment and piping, preparation of measures and drawings for protection of mechanical equipment during flushing of process systems, supervision of piping support and hangers installation, marking of locations for medium parameter instruments. Performance of these activities ensures proper operation and safety of equipment during commissioning and operation of process systems. 
Using accumulated experience and having available modern tool pool, personnel of “UTEM-ENGINEERING” LLC perform energy audit of operating enterprises and develop real recommendations for reducing energy consumption, replacement of ineffective equipment, carry out payback analysis and studies of investment feasibility.