Heat on straw

Understanding importance for Ukraine use of alternative sources of energy, since 2002 the company started production at its own plant in Ukraine of straw-operated heat generators under a license from Danish company Passat Energi, having capacity from 150 to 860 kW. Modern industrial production allows to manufacture heat generators of European quality which are tailored for Ukrainian consumer. During this period the company produced more than 150 heat generators which are successfully operated in Ukraine, Denmark, Russia and Moldova.

Since 2013 we commenced fabrication of gas generators for grain dryers that operate on baled straw. 

Heat generators are designed for supply of heat to production and office buildings, schools, child daycare centers, hospitals, recreation centers etc.

Advantages of UTEM heat generators:

High efficiency factor, low power consumption for its own needs and low maintenance cost along with low cost of straw in comparison with cost of natural gas allow to reach payback period of equipment from 1 to 3 years.

More information can be found on the website: www.utem-bioenergy.com