Installation of Process Facilities

The UTEM Group of companies comprises four enterprises specialized in the installation of process systems and equipment at nuclear and thermal power plants, power-generating and production facilities in the petrochemical, metallurgical, mining, and food processing industries.
Using our many years’ experience, modern project management and best work practices, we provide installation of complex process systems safely, promptly and with high quality. The personnel of construction & installation companies includes 110 welders certified in automatic, semi-automatic, and AAW and MAW types of welding, and more than 1,000 fitters in disciplines:

  • Industrial pipefitter
  • Turbine and rotating machinery fitter
  • Boiler equipment fitter
  • NPP equipment fitter
  • Structural steel fitter

Our construction & installation enterprises perform the following works:

  • Construction of various high and low pressure piping
  • Construction of primary and secondary NPP circuit piping
  • Construction of balance-of-plant and auxiliary process piping
  • Construction of gas lines
  • Installation of NPP equipment
  • Installation of boiler units
  • Installation of turbine generators
  • Installation boiler auxiliary equipment and non-standard equipment
  • Installation of refining and metallurgical equipment
  • Construction of support structures and service platforms

The work is preceded by obligatory surveying, drawing up of work method statements and welding, heat treatment and quality control procedures. We use own lifting machinery, reliable modern welding equipment, assembly and rigging tools.
Field engineers managing the construction and installation activities undergone scheduled recertification in rules and regulations of the nuclear and thermal power industries, health and safety, learn the basics of project management and methods of preproduction in the Training Centre of the company.
Special attention is given to the process of preparation, quality of welding performance and control. Process engineering, surface preparation, workplace organization, welding equipment, personnel qualification, compliance with operations discipline, enable to satisfy high quality requirements.
Quality control of welding processes is provided by inspection teams and corporate laboratory of Industrial Diagnostics and Testing Centre.
One of the top priorities in the performance of work for our personnel is to provide the health, safety and industrial hygiene. Using safe work practices, modern safety equipment and workplace organization tools we have managed to reduce occupational injuries to a minimum.