Project Management


Provision of General Contracting, EPC /EPCM Contractor services in the industrial and power construction is now one of the main priorities of UTEM Group. Based on the preparedness, adopted financing scheme and the requirements of our Clients, we offer them the most optimum form of Contract performance.
Modern requirements for the quality and timing of construction projects in the limited resources conditions can only be met by coordinated efforts of all project parties - designers, suppliers, contractors, commissioning engineers and operating teams of the Client. Starting from the permission to construction and to the commissioning of a facility, we thoroughly plan, analyze and manage all the processes necessary for its successful implementation, using a corporate Project Management Methodology.
The UTEM Group of companies consisting of 9 specialized enterprises fitted out with modern equipment and staffed with qualified personnel provides key works of integrated projects using its own resources:

  • Project management
  • Engineering
  • Fabrication of supporting, span and process steelwork, and service platforms
  • Fabrication of non-standard, boiler auxiliary equipment, vessels and tanks
  • Fabrication of piping spools, supports and hangers
  • Installation of process equipment, turbine generators, rotating equipment and piping systems
  • Complex lifting work and handling of large structures
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Pre-commissioning and commissioning of process systems and facilities

Our proven business partners and subcontractors supplement in-house services to full General Contracting, EPC/EPCM work packages.


To ensure customer requirements and achieve the precise organization of work in the implementation of projects in the UTEM Group of companies created and implemented a corporate project management system.

When you create a project management system were taken into account standards, requirements and recommendations of international organizations such as the PMI, IPMA and ISO, and also own a huge experience in implementing complex projects and programs.

Project Management System

The centerpiece of the project management system is a module-calendar network planning based on Primavera P6 Professional. Model projects created in this module integrates all aspects of the project design documentation and resources, cost estimates and budget, procurement and contracts. This allows the project management of complex, taking into account all factors and aspects. Project managers and customers only receive relevant information, so - can make the right decisions for the project.

Project Portfolio Management - enables the company to-date information on the entire pool of current projects, which generally ensures the stability of the company.